Artist Development Program

This 6 week Artist Development Program helps build the center point for young independent artists who strive to achieve larger goals. By providing consistent criteria for the artistic mindset, we challenge the artist to deepen their discovery of themselves. Through this discovery period, we will develop the minds of future generations of musicians and artists.

This program includes six weeks of history, writing, and live applications of music and production. We have infused educational concepts into our program as well – math, science, and social studies are several topics included. This reinforces the subjects that they already study during the school year and will help build a stronger foundation for young artists. 

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Prophocey teaching at a private school.



Prophocey teaching the detail format of word separation to a rhythm.

2019 Arnold Classic Teen Expo

2019 Arnold Classic Teen Expo


Helping develop one child at a time in the musical arts genre.


Here is what some of the school administration staff has said about our Artist Development Program.

Geron Tate, Asst Principal at Windsor STEM Elementary

- From a 1 - 10, How do you feel your class/students like the program this year?  I would say it was a 9 this year. As our students get more familiar with Prophocey they have improved behavior, and participation

 - How would you rate the program yourself? 10, I think it is great and incorporates the history of music, and hip hop. Also allows students to realize how difficult it is to rhyme words, stay on beat, and produce a quality product.

 - Would you recommend this program to anyone else? Absolutely, And keep the program because the kids appreciated it more the second time around